20 Tips for Healthier Skin


  1. Don’t Smoke
  2. Don’t Drink Alcohol
  3. Get Plenty of Sleep
  4. Avoid Sun During Peak Time
  5. Use Broad Spectrum Sun Screen With Both UVA and UVB Protection
  6. Wear Protective Clothing
  7. Get Eyes Checked Regularly To Eliminate Squinting Wrinkles
  8. Clean Skin Thoroughly Daily
  9. Use Moisturizer if Skin Is Dry
  10. Remove Makeup Before Sleeping
  11. Rinse Well To Remove Dead Skin Soap and Lotions
  12. Use Water-based Products
  13. Eat Organic, Non-gmo Foods
  14. Eliminate Trans Fats And Sugars
  15. Exercise Regularly
  16. Shave with a Sharp, Clean Razor
  17. Dispose of Old Makeup and Application Every 6-12 Months, Every 3 Months for Eye Makeup
  18. Do Facial Exercises Regularly
  19. Drink Plenty of Water
  20. Meditate or Practice Realization Techniques

Hair Myth


  • A women should brush her hair one hundred strokes to keep it healthy and shinny.
  • Shampoo is harmful to hair
  • Shaving hair will it grow thicker
  • Oiling hair fall rejuvenates hair re-growth
  • It is normal to lose 50-100 hair a day


Hair Tips


  • Brush your hair to spread oil evenly
  • Do not share towel and comb
  • Use normal water when washing hair
  • Very hot water may damage your hair
  • Choose the correct Shampoo for your hair tips
  • Towel dry your hair Avoid hair dryer or electric Iron
  • Oil your hair regularly to replace gel last due to natural or chemical damage
  • While massaging your scalp use finger nail this creator brasor
  • Use a wide tooth comb rounded brusher to make sure do not break
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