Pigmentation Treatment

Excess skin pigmentation or hyper pigmentation is usually caused by an overwhelming of the melanin-protective system, This leads to excess production and clumping of melanin, and the appearance of brown or darker spots of pigmentation in the skin.


Reasons for skin pigmentation problems are :

  •  UV radiation – in most cases, especially in areas of high UV radiation levels like Australia, skin pigmentation problems can be caused by excessive UV or sun exposure (most common)
  • Hormonal – as seen in melasma or chloasma that is a type of pigmentation usually caused by pregnancy or the pill (common)
  • Trauma to the skin – this can be a result of physical trauma to the skin, chemical peels, laser treatments, or acne. This is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (common).
  • Birthmarks and acquired pigmentation – skin pigmentation can be present at birth (birthmarks), appear in childhood, or adulthood. Examples of these include; congenital melanocytic naevus, cafe au lait spots, spilus naevus, hori’s macules, and naevus of ota. Switch ND yag Laser one of the best of its type at pragna helps, improve your Tan & reduce pigmentation, either after any injury Or Melasma Excellent in reducing Freckles, Sunspots and unwanted tattoos.


Why should you choose Zak Skin Hair Laser Clinic ?

Will carefully assess your pigmentation problem and carefully formulate a treatment plan for you. We have a wide range of treatment options including a large number of topical agents and lasers, and this will ensure that you will get the treatment most suited to your pigmentation. Contact us for your initial consultation, where we will discuss with you what is a realistic and achievable outcome, and what to expect from your laser treatment.
Melanin may be the pigment which gives the skin its shade. The amount of melanin from the skin is liable for the gentle or dark tone. Pigmented wounds are generally dark within shade due to the fact that melanin can be a lot more centered in one section of the skin. The high attentiveness of melanin may be as a result of various aspects. Several varieties are mixed together at birth, however the majority of them take place after a person gets older, or by overexposure of the ultraviolet sunrays.

Dark Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Skin Pigmentation Treatment involving this technical perspective is widely treated as the superior treatment method than others in case of pigmented wound management. This laser takes away these kind of colors with the specialized gentle light. This unwanted pigment can be subsequently wrecked & therefore driven away with the light of a long wave length.

Advantages of Laser Treatment

  • The strength of this laser can certainly decrease the freckles, brown spots along with birthmarks & also the age spots.
  • This potent laser gives off a gentle light within very brief pulses & has an impact on the pigmented lesion reducing the redness of the dermis & epidermis.


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