Acne Scar Treatment

Zak Skin Hair Laser Clinic offers Acne Scar Treatment in Mumbai. We helps to treat your acne so that you can face the world with improved confidence. at Zak Skin Hair Laser Clinic we use innovative techniques to improve the appearance of acne scars, Sometimes it’s possible to get rid of acne scars altogether, and sometimes they are simply lessened with treatments, Schedule a consultation today so we can design a skin care improvement program for you. Our skin consists of millions of tiny pores. These pores are connected to oil glands, Once these oil glands are blocked by dirt or other factors, the oily substance called sebum clogs our pores causing pimple breakout.


  • elevation of hormones usually occurring during puberty or menstrual cycles in women
  • thyroid, PCOD
    Bad lifestyle – lack of exercise, reduction in water intake and increase in junk food intake
  • Obesity
  • Stomach problems – Acidity, constipation

Acne Scars Treatment Available:
Special peels called Salicylic peels are done which are derived from winter tree bark extract, They have dual action in help unclog pores and reduce oiliness. Resulting in smooth and radiant healthy skin glow, Also skin is disinfected to prevent further acne formation, Frequency: one session in 10 days and 6-8 sessions Or as required.
Time: 30 min

Acne or pimples on or skin do more harm that we know. First it makes our skin less that perfect and then it created acne scars that leave an emotional imprint for a lifetime. Acne if picked often or left unattended leave behind acne scars, These arise due to inadequate healing in the inner layer of the skin which deforms collagen and leaves behind depressions in the skin. They remain for life unless treated using a scientific approach.



In most of the patients visiting our clinic for Acne Scar Treatment in Mumbai, we prescribe only gels and creams to apply without any oral medicines & they usually respond. In some patients oral medicines are added when required, Unlike most of the places, here you won’t be misguided to undergo peels & laser treatments portraying them as the only treatment option to solve your problem.
We have important Acne Scar treatments to treat pits:
Fractional [Frexel] skin resurfacing laser: this is 1540 palomar erbium glass laser.
Principle-this technology delivers laser light as an array of micro-beams to the deeper layer of skin leaving outer skin unaffected. The light reaches infractions and starts a natural healing process that forms new healthy tissues and thus work on deep scars. The procedure has given excellent visible results in 3-4 sessions, As it is non ablative, the healing is quick with no lasting redness or marks, With a combination of peels and micro-derm-abrasion this technique can deliver upto 80% permanent reduction in scars, The internal improvement starts right from the first session and continues for months long after your last session.



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